Monday, November 23, 2009

My birthday

My Big Day
is my 20th year old...
a lot of emotion

my STPM start from today
in the morning
i was so tension
after the exam it was sad
because i make some mistake in the exam...

and then i get a SMS 'ET, come to join us, meet u at McD...'
oh ya... today is my birthday
they want celebrate with me...
i thought just have a lunch only
after finish the lunch ah ping say they go first
but after few minute they are come back
borrow a bag of present n sing with the birthday song
for that time i so surprise
becuz recently u all so busy
i really feelingly...don't know how to say... so touched
p/s: i regret that we unable to caught a picture at that moment because we all forget borrow camera go out today...
n then it was the time to me open my present
i like it...
thanks la all of u...

since i hav chemistry paper2 tomorrow
so must do my revision la...

in the evening my aunt from australia is call me
n say 'happy birthday' to me...

another surprise is from my mum n sis
it already 10.30pm...
i thought tell will not celebrate with me any more...
suddenly my mum knocking my door
it was i never expect for that i thought i hav exam
so they with delay my birthday celebration to other day...
i was so surprise my sis buy cake for me...
how can she brrow back n i din fee that?
i really thanks to her
since today hav exam i cannot go to fetch her
so she need to take bas
n she go to prangin mall buy this cake for me but it hav rainning at that time
so she need to protect the cake....
argh... word is not enough for me to say thanks for u...
but anyway thanks la my sister

and now
my birthday is end
a million million thank to you all
to my family n friend
today is a wonderful day for me
i will keep this all of moment inside my heart

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